National Hospital Referral Delivery

Date: Tuesday October 25th, 2016

One of the Bank South Pacific's Core Value is Community- We respect, value and support the Communities in which we operate.

Hospital Delivery

Today 25th October 2016 saw BSP Honiara Heritage Park Staff delivered their Community Project to the very needy and over seen lifesaving Institution in Honiara, The National Referral Hospital #9.


The National Referral Hospital Medical Ward Staff have all the reason to smile when the Manager Honiara Heritage Branch and her staff chose to deliver some very new wheel chairs and portable poties for the very sick at the Medical Ward.


At the Handover, Doctor In Charge, Dr Elizabeth Wore acknowledged the delivery with open hands and smiles. "We couldn't be more thankful for such a donation. We use to receive wheel chairs in the past as donations, but incomplete ones. At some stage we have to tie strings around the foot stand and without poties. As for the BSP delivery it was so brand new with a proper portable potty that can be attached and detached for cleaning after use". "We acknowledged the fact that Bank South Pacific is not an Institution on its own, however one which recognises the needs of the Country and Community in which it operates and for that we are so thankful that in the midst of all your busy schedules, you turn a helping hand to the needy. The Hospital needs this kind of donations".


BSP is the Community's Bank and this is evident when the Management and staff chose to look, not far from its location, at the National Referral Hospital and deliver the most important, but expensive facility that even the Hospital alone can't get for the very sick.

The wheel chairs and their portable poties will indeed help our nurses and the very sick, taking them in and out of the rest rooms whenever the need arises.

Dr Wore, on behalf of the National Referral Hospital Management, thanked Bank South Pacific to identify the Medical Ward as the recipient of this year's Community Delivery